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Best Country to Study Abroad

Best Country to Study Abroad

It is clear that as globalization continues to grow, Indian students’ interest to study abroad is growing. Having so many possibilities makes it challenging to decide where to go. Before selecting your choice, there are a few things you should consider. However, it is crucial to comprehend why we should study abroad before going on to one of the most popular country for Indian students.

Is studying abroad for Indian students truly important? The advantages to study abroad were previously described using phrases like: It will alter your life or you will have a good job. But it wasn’t clear how or what the advantages would actually be.

However, the figures from numerous polls and data gathered on the effects of study abroad experience today allow us to demonstrate the advantages.

Here are the results of the survey on the effect of studying abroad in numbers. The IES carried out the survey.

best destination to study abroad

The statistics show that studying abroad aided students in developing a deeper understanding of their own cultural beliefs and prejudices and acted as a catalyst for maturation. Students learn skill sets that influence their school experiences and potential job prospects, as well as greater self-confidence. Employers are willing to take on students with letters of recommendation from universities abroad.

Let’s look at the global trends of study abroad student mobility.

Best Destination to Study Abroad

As you can see, students from China and India are more likely to pursue further education abroad. India is the second country on the list for sending students to study abroad, despite the fact that the number of Indian students is less than that of Chinese students. Therefore, the issue of which destination is the best for our Indian students to study abroad comes now that we have learned the advantages of studying abroad and our students are eager to explore this chance.

The correct phrasing is “which is the best-fit country to study abroad for Indian students,” since there is no such thing as “the best place to study abroad for Indian students.”

Confused? Let’s elaborate.

Every student has different preferences, so their choice of the best country may vary. These choices are based on a few crucial elements. In order to realize our future goals, it is crucial to select the best fit country (not the best country). You must choose the locations where you will apply before choosing the colleges to which you will apply. Based on those crucial considerations, it might be a single country or a number of them.

Let’s examine these elements right away.

1. Program Choice

The most crucial element is your enthusiasm for the program. Understand the country based on the program level, program category, program duration, and program ranking when picking the country for the desired program.

What do we mean by program level in this context? The degree program you’re pursuing is referred to as the program level here. Undergraduate, master’s, MBA, Ph.D., and diploma programs are some of the levels of education that are popular among Indian students. There are other short-term programs, such as summer programs or internships, but those are more focused on enhancing profiles.

To begin with, Indian parents are more protective when sending their children to study abroad for their undergraduate degrees, so they consider proximity to be one of the criteria. However, they also prefer the best education at the lowest possible cost because the length of the program is greater and so is its expense. They so seek nations with well-regarded universities, good financial help, and closer proximity.

Postgraduate students are more self-reliant, and their goal is to have better job opportunities in the future with a quality education. Cost is obviously a consideration, but they place more emphasis on the top-ranked universities in the nation where they have to stay back and better job opportunities.

Although an MBA is a master’s degree as well, we have kept it separate because professionals are advised to pursue this program in order to have better employment opportunities. But they largely share the same preferences as graduate students. Due to the high cost of MBA programs, cost becomes one of the key considerations for them.

Students pursuing doctoral degrees favor the nations that provide them with the most scholarships and the best research possibilities.

Last but not least, in order to obtain an education at the lowest possible cost, our students also search for diploma programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The precise program you’re aiming for is the program category. Some countries are renowned for their technical programs, while others are for their management programs. Some countries have the best hospitality programs, while others have the best fine arts programs. Which country is best for which category of the program also affects the rankings of colleges, on-campus opportunities, and future employment prospects. Germany is well-known for mechanical engineering, other European countries are well-known for finance, and the US is well-known for its MBA and engineering degrees.

The length of the program varies from country to country, for example, the MBBS program in the US and Canada is longer than the programs offered in the UK, Australia, and other European countries because students prefer to complete 2-3 diplomas rather than a degree program due to the cost. They may also prefer to complete a master’s or MBA in one year rather than two years.

Ranking a program here refers to the calibre of instruction; it encompasses far more than just university rankings. Today’s students search for every opportunity while pursuing their education overseas. They want to get involved in extracurricular activities, volunteer their time, join college organizations, conduct research for professors to qualify for assistantships, and some students prefer to enrol in programs like CPT, Co-op, or sandwich courses that include practical experience as part of the curriculum. There are more opportunities in these sectors in certain places than in others.

2. Money Matters

When choosing the country based on the other criteria, pay attention to the financial aspect. To determine your budget for your study abroad journey, do some research on the typical cost of education. The budget accounts for the cost of tuition as well as living, travel, and other expenses.

Because there are many countries that are budget-friendly, be careful not to choose between quality education and economical education. Don’t let the price discourage you. Making the most of your budget is possible in a number of ways. For Indian students, there are a tonne of scholarships and grants available. Select a country where there are the most options for you to reduce the cost of your education.

3. Future Goal

What is your immediate or long-term objective? Do you want to get the best education and then return home to continue your education or to begin your career, or do you want to stay in your study location to gain some experience in real-world situations, get a return on your investment, and enhance your resume with a global perspective? Students also have business ideas, so they search for locations where they may settle and apply for permanent immigration with ease. For many students, being able to work part-time both on and off campus is vital. We must therefore consider the employment, return, and PR regulations for international students while choosing the location.

4. Key Demographics

The main demographics are the next and important variables. This includes the environment, as some students find certain climates uncomfortable, the food and culture, or the language of the program. For instance, take Germany, where many colleges need German language competency for their well-liked and financially supported programs. Known individuals or relatives at a specific location and vicinity, as we previously discussed.

5. Your Own Profile

The last but most crucial element is your profile. What if you selected a country based on all other considerations yet your profile was not accepted there? You wouldn’t see any results from it. For instance, the majority of the top-ranked universities in the USA need standardized testing, but if you don’t have time to take the test but still want to attend a top-ranked university, the UK might be a better choice for you. You wish to apply for undergraduate admission at prestigious colleges but have excellent academics but no extracurricular activities. Once more, you might not want to go to the US. Therefore, it is preferable to first grasp the requirements of the countries that the colleges follow.

These are the key elements that students must take into account when deciding where to study because only then will it be the right fit.

For your convenience, we are providing information about Indian students who studied abroad in 2021. There were 1133749 Indian students who studied abroad in 99 different countries in 2021.


Best Destination to Study Abroad

This is the year 2021 data shared by the Ministry of External Affairs, India on what are the study destinations where the Indian students are going. You can observe the spread in the the percentage of the students across popular countries.

Best Destination to Study Abroad

The data also gives us statistics on the not-so-popular study destinations selected by our Indian students. So you can see that other than the popular study destinations, students are also considering destinations like Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

So what are you waiting for, prepare the list of your preferences and research the country which is Best-fit for you.

Good luck !!

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