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What are the different intakes in USA?

Here are the common intakes in US universities:

  1. Fall Intake: It typically begins in late August or early September. Many undergraduate and graduate programs offer admissions for the fall semester. Fall intake allows students to have a full academic year, as it aligns with the traditional academic calendar.
  2. Spring Intake: It usually starts in January or February. While the number of available programs may be relatively fewer compared to the fall intake, several universities still offer admissions for the spring semester. Spring intake can be a good option for students who missed the fall intake or want to start their studies earlier.
  3. Summer Intake: It generally starts in May or June. Some universities may offer limited program options or specific courses during the summer semester. Summer intake can be beneficial for students who wish to accelerate their studies or take advantage of specialized summer programs.

It’s important to note that not all programs or universities have intakes for each semester. Some programs may have specific intakes only, while others may have limited availability for certain intakes. It’s advisable to check the official websites of the universities or contact their admissions offices to determine the specific intake options for your desired program of study.

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