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Georgia Tech || Supplement Essays 2022-23

Georgia Tech Supplement essay is the Why college essay where the university wants to know how your interest in specific major align with  Georgia Tech. The university gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your self awareness, thoughtfulness and authenticity in not more than 300 words.  The exact essay topic is:

Why do you want to study your chosen major at Georgia Tech?

First thing first, understand what is why college essay and what university is looking at and what should be your strategy to jot down the content for this essay. Checkout our blog on why college essay.

Here are the sample essays of the students with successful college application to Georgia Tech

Sample Essay 1

It has always intrigued me to know how machines can be intelligent. How can they work on their own to make our lives easier? Learning how this occurs with the help of algorithms has always been a dream.

This led me to take Computer science as an elective in grade 11. I learnt Python and Java through online courses. Computer Science provides me the platform to transform the ideas inside my brain into reality. Thus, I want to excel in this field and later further master my knowledge on artificial intelligence and be the digital thinker of the 21st century. 

Through the unique and renowned computer science program, I could avail the several opportunities Georgia Tech (GT) offers. First, GT’s ‘threads’ scheme in Computer Science major is a unique way of learning the subject with a focus on specific disciplines. 

Similarly, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing (UROC) will allow me to satisfy my yearning of knowing more about machine learning and artificial intelligence. I will be able to implement whatever I assimilate with GT’s top Co-op and Internship programs in the work environment. 

The diverse set of students and faculty will enable me to interact with different mindsets and understand the global culture. GT allows me to join several clubs such as RoboJackets, Junior STEM and Invention Studio, where I would improve on my technical skills. To conclude, GT is an ecosystem which makes education fun and useful!

Sample Essay 2

I aim to pursue a career in Cyber security and Digital Forensics. The highly ranked Computer Science major from Georgia Tech is the first step towards this objective. This degree will equip me with a strong base in programming and computational theory. 

The unique concept of Threads at Georgia Tech will give me the flexibility to choose a curriculum path that is aligned with my interest in Computer Security. Computing and Information and Computing and People are two such threads that will help me to have a focused journey towards my goal.

The academic education from professors experienced in the fields of Cryptography and Cybersecurity will equip me with the needed knowledge I require for my career.  The undergraduate research opportunity and the option of the five-year cooperative plan will provide me with hands-on experience. Involvement in student organizations like Big Data Big Impact and The Georgia Tech ACM Programming Team will provide me with a deeper knowledge on data and enhance my problem-solving skills. 

 Furthermore, Georgia Tech’s significant involvement in the area of Cybersecurity through the Institute for Information Security & Privacy and the availability of many Cybersecurity experts like Prof. Mustaque Ahamad and Prof. Alexandra Boldyreva, will provide the right ambiance for pursuing my goals. The various events – Cybersecurity Lecture Series and Georgia Tech Cybersecurity Summit – conducted around Cyber security will also give me the opportunity to meet and hear thought leaders who are advancing the field of cybersecurity.

So what are you waiting for, start brainstorming, researching and writing your eassy. Make a note for the other application details of the Georgia Tech

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