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Are you stuck at home and wondering how you can fill your time because you’re going to school online and have been told or mandated by our government not to leave or maybe you’re just an introvert and you rather never leave the house but you still want some extracurricular activities to put on your college application.

Well, if so this blog is to tell you about the 10 different extracurricular activities you can do without leaving the confines of your home.

Let’s look at this disclaimer first.

Don’t stress out !!!

Colleges know you can’t pursue everything you love right now, they are going to be forgiving if your activities are not as amazing as they always were when you’re not in quarantine. So even the most elite colleges are going to be understanding of you cutting back on activities when you’re stuck at home.

You may try doing the activities we have mentioned in this blog sitting at home. Okay, Let’s get started!

Creative Writing

There are lots of ways you could do creative writing. You can write novels, plays, short stories or even screenplays and submit online to places you can try to enter it into contests. You can try to win awards with it. There are lots of different places and you can get your creative writing published. So if you are in fiction, if you really like to be creative, creative writing is an activity you don’t have to go anywhere to do.

Journalist Writing

Blogging and article writing are kind of journalist writing. You can write like a journalist from the confines of your home. Again, this is actually like a WOW factor potential activity for a lot of students especially if you’re interested in journalism and you can get published in a local paper. One way to start that is to write op-eds, which are basically articles that somebody in the community wrote and you can submit them to papers. Start with your local paper or if you have a school newspaper at your school you can totally write articles from home. The other kind of journalistic writing that you can do is blogging. You can start a blog on any topic that you want, A lot of students just really enjoy writing and so they enjoy blogging because it’s fun for them. It’s kind of like keeping a diary so if you’re looking for something to do we totally encourage it.

Video Blogging

You can make little videos if you are at home and you don’t have to go anywhere to do it. What I would encourage you to do is not a lot of people are necessarily just interested in you, talking about nothing but you might try to see if there is some sort of niche you can fill right with your Vlogging. You can make tutorial series of videos that have a particular purpose or that helps someone. You might have to think about your audience like how can you create value in the world, what kind of information could you share with people that would be helpful or useful.

Composing Music

If you are a musician, write some songs that can be impressive and kind of cool. We had a student in the past with his interesting stories around their journey trying to compose music and how that went being in communities on the internet of composers.


You can make art and art can be anything like physical art, it could be painting, drawing or also could be digital art, if you are interested in graphic designing. You can teach yourself graphic design or software that helps you to draw or paint or whatever it is. You can also create graphics for local charities or local businesses. You could use your art in ways that help other people.

Scientific Experiments

Science experiments are something that has been really cool WOW factors on some of the students that we work with applications. Now, what kind of science experiments can you do? Well, anything that you would bring to the school science fair is up for grabs but just to give a few examples, one student built a robot that likes to fry eggs and do other random tasks around the house. One student built rockets to try to go deeper into the earth’s atmosphere and take pictures of whole things which were fascinating and interesting. There are many sorts of fun things you may do with science experiments.

Volunteer Work

Remote volunteer work might make for any more interesting essay than real volunteer work because how do you volunteer when you can not go anywhere in person. Tutoring, there are so many online tutors so we don’t see why you guys couldn’t be remote tutors. So if you knew students in need or you wanted to coordinate a new program. You can start a program at your high school because you’ve got all these people who are probably home and who can’t go anywhere on both ends of the spectrum. Both students who could use tutoring and you guys.

Online Courses

Pursue online courses to develop your skills and understanding in your interested area. If you plan to start online learning to impress colleges with it, we recommend that you try to do accredited courses but if you don’t really care about impressing colleges and you just want to fill your time and want to do something valuable for yourself, you can use MOOCs. There are so many cool online courses and a lot of them are free.

So continue having productive summers during this pandemic.

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