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Purdue University || Supplement Essays 2022-23

Each applicant must submit a 250-word activity essay as well as two types of 150-word “why” essays to Purdue University.

Let’s dive in, 

Prompt: 1
Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences and respond in 250 words or fewer we love activity essays like this because it gives you an opportunity to say what you didn’t have space to say in the activities section of the common application. (optional)

Choose an activity that has significance for you, something you’ve invested in and something you’ve engaged in for more than just one weekend. Additionally, it needs to be an activity you did not already cover in your personal statement. If you don’t want to sound repetitive, make sure your activities and the things that are significant to you are covered in a variety of essays rather than simply repeating and writing about the same thing.

A smart way to demonstrate commitment, endurance, and determination is to highlight a long-standing activity. If you’ve attended the same summer camp for years, moving up through the ranks from camper to trainee to full-fledged counselor, how does it affect your leadership skills and how does this progression align with your development into a young adult? What lessons did you take away from this experience, how did you develop as your responsibilities increased, and why did you devote so much time to this community?

The activity essay is really about delving deeper into the motivations behind your actions. Why is it so important to you to do the things you do? Why are you investing so much time in the particular things that you spend time on? There are so many bigger lessons you can share about who you are through the activity essay.

Purdue Activity Sample Essay

Due to our school’s reputation in the field of robotics, we were invited to participate in the FirstTech Challenge. Considering my previous experiences in programming, I was enrolled as the Chief Programmer for my team, Team Phantom. We were tasked with building a rover to navigate a Martian-like environment and collect minerals. The rover was to be tested in two fields: Autonomous and Driver Controlled Mode. The former was where my expertise came in. On the first day, however, owing to a lack of testing, the rover didn’t function well. Due to time constraints, the code I had written was hurried and imperfect. Additionally, the grabbing mechanism was flawed. Since the first day was a practice session, it didn’t matter much but we wanted to do well the following day. A few of the team members including myself worked on the rover throughout the night, perfecting the code, rebuilding the grabber, and by 3 AM, we were finally satisfied with our work. The second day went a lot better with our rover winning most of the rounds, and to top it all, our team won the Think Award for “removing obstacles through creative thinking”. More than getting an award, it is opportunities like these that have led me to develop my skills outside of the classroom. I would love to continue exploring any and all opportunities I get to further my knowledge and skill.

Prompt 2:
How will the opportunities at Purdue support your interest both in and out of the classroom respond in 100 words or fewer?

This is essentially a very brief why college essay and the best way to respond is to do your research. If you dedicate an hour to browsing the website and writing down the things that interest you, and really delve into what you might do at Purdue, you’ll end up with a pretty comprehensive list of things that are candidates for inclusion in this essay. After your research binge, you’ll need to choose which of these elements is the most important to cover in this essay.

It’s fairly brief, so you should try to focus on two or three main points. These points should also be those that, draw you specifically to the campus because of your interests and background. For instance, if you dropped it on the floor and someone picked it up, they should be able to identify it as being yours.  For instance, if you love creative writing, perhaps the creative writing program has specific courses that will help you with your dream of writing the Great American Novel. Alternatively, there may be a famous improv group that will also help you sharpen your wit and thinking.

College is a time to explore, so show admissions how you will do that. Space is limited, so don’t worry about going into too much detail about the things that you’re highlighting; you’ll have an opportunity to do that a little bit more in the next short essay you write 

Why Purdue Sample Essay

Various opportunities which are available at Purdue University inspired me to join in this diversified community. Purdue University is the number one destination for research-based and world-renowned programs such as engineering and agricultural programs and is one of the most innovative schools in the world. Huge facilities are available in their “Research and Innovation” lab for   Automatic Control, Signal & Image processing, and Computer Engineering that would allow me to foster the already cultivated interests such as “involvement of automation, Usage of Robotics & AI (Artificial Intelligence)” I wish to nourish them even further. Purdue University has a plethora of highly qualified faculties for research, and pre-professional opportunities like co-cps and Fortune 500 internships.

Prompt: 3
Briefly discuss your reasons for pursuing the major you have selected responded 100 words or fewer 

This question is all about your intellectual curiosity as well as your future aspirations. For example, there are various motivations to pursue a degree in economics, including the desire to one day apply math to the real world, a desire to work in finance, and even the desire to influence legislation.

Be sincere and ambitious about your intentions, then use your notes to fill in the essay with specifics and illustrations of how Purdue’s programs will help you achieve those objectives. Why Purdue University is the best place to achieve your dreams If you can demonstrate how their prospects and offers will help you achieve your goals, you have properly answered this question.

Purdue Why Major Sample Essay

I chose Computer Engineering to pursue at Purdue and in further higher studies also. My life aim is to become a Master’s in Robotics and automation which will be combined with AI, Machine learning and Automation. That will be a revolutionary movement in farming particularly in fruit tree cultivation. After the completion of my Higher Secondary Education, I am pursuing extra classes such as Computer Languages C, C+ and Cyber Security. The programming knowledge I have garnered over this period of time will help me to pursue Computer Engineering and my dream will become reality. Anybody can live without modern technologies but can’t live without food. Due to the rapidly growing population, there will be an inevitable overlap between Technology and Food production. This convergence will lead to unlimited production of food with the least manpower and other energy resource involvement.   

Checkout Application related more details:

Purdue University offers admissions in both Fall and Spring Intake. The deadline to apply for Fall is November 1 as early action and January 15 as a regular decision. Students looking for spring intake must apply as early as possible. Some of the programs may not be open for spring intake.

Applications for Purdue University must be processed through the Common Application

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