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Germany is one of the most popular study destinations among international students at all education levels. The topmost reason is to get a quality education with minimum or no cost at the reputed public universities followed by good chances of employability with stay back opportunities. The cost of an undergraduate program in other popular destinations is so high without scholarships that every student cannot afford to bear this expenditure and that’s where Germany comes in. Deserving students must not lose the opportunity to study at top universities just because they cannot afford it. You can pursue your undergraduate program through the different paths available in Germany based on your high school qualification and English and German language proficiency.


Students who have the education equivalent to the Arbitur can directly apply for the bachelors program in Germany. The program will be either taught in German or the combination of German and English. You must also have B1/B2 German language proficiency before the starting of the program. Most of the technical universities and universities of applied sciences charge only semester-wise student contribution fees which ranges between 180-400 EUR but there are universities where you charge the tuition fees in the range of 1500-15000 EUR.

Most of the programs are offered in the field of Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Science, Economics and Social Science which are the areas popular among the international students.

List of the universities offering direct entry program in Germany


There are more than 200 programs offered in the Geran universities where the language of instruction is English. The students with the qualification equivalent to Abitur can also directly apply for these bachelors programs. German language proficiency at any level is not required to pursue these programs and you will be taught German language during your course to communicate freely. The tuition fees for these courses would be in the range of 4500-10000 EUR per semester with the exception of few universities which will only charge semester-wise student contribution fees.

Apart from the programs in the field of Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Science, Economics and Social Science, there are a wide range of courses in the field of arts and design.

List of the universities offering direct entry program in English


Students who do not have the qualification equivalent to Abitur can study in Germany through the foundation program at the studienkolleg. The studienkolleg prepares you to pursue your degree program in the Research Universities and University of Applied Sciences. There are special courses designed at studienkolleg for the specific area of interest.

  • M: Medicine, Pharmacy and Biology
  • T: Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • W: Social Science, Economics and Business Studies
  • G: Literature and Humanities
  • S: Languages
  • TI: Engineering
  • WW: Business
  • GD: Arts and Design
  • SW: Social Science

The studienkolleg run by the state charges only student contribution fees whereas the private colleges will charge the tuition fees. The duration of the program is 1 year with two semesters.

Most of the universities would ask you to have B1 level German language proficiency as the entry requirement. You cannot apply to the studienkolleg directly. The application must go to the university you want to pursue your degree program through uni-assist.

The studienkolleg offers the foundation programs in two major intakes, September/October and March/April with the exception of a few who offer the courses in January and June.

List of the universities offering Foundation Programs


The students who do not have the B1/B2 language proficiency to apply for the foundation program or the direct entry program in German or German/English can do the German language course in Germany before starting their degree program. The duration of the program varies from 2 weeks to 10 months depending on your current level of proficiency. Fees for this program range between 500-5000 EUR. There are multiple intakes to pursue the German language course in Germany.

List of the universities offering Language Courses

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