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University of Wisconsin || Supplement Essays 2022-23

University of Wisconsin’s supplement essay prompt asks respondents to answer one question in 500 words. The essay prompt is:

Tell us why you decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition, please include why you are interested in studying the major(s) you have selected. If you selected undecided please describe your areas of possible academic interest. (You may enter up to 650 words but 300-500 is recommended).

This prompt is one of the most expansive versions of a classic why essay. It is going to address why you want to go to the university of Wisconsin Madison on two levels. Those levels are academic and social, so take a moment to look inside at what exactly you want out of your college experience. 

Is it research opportunities, football games, or an opportunity to dip your toe in city life? The only way to know whether your goals and wants are lined up with those of Wisconsin is for you to do your research. The goal here is to show admissions that you have done your homework as you dig through the school’s website. 

You are bound to find research programs, extracurricular activities, and academic programs professors that particularly spark your interest. These are the details you are going to want to refer to in your answer. You are going to include specific information about the academic program that interests you the most and what aspects of that program you are hoping to take advantage of what you generally love about your chosen major and minor and how will Wisconsin’s offering help you expand on your knowledge in those areas. 

If you are interested in the gender and women’s studies program, what will you take away from that program, and how does it connect to your long-term ambitions? How will college’s resources help you achieve your goal? You are also going to want to talk about what the university’s environment is like and how that’s appealing to you. Why is that the kind of social and learning environment you crave? 

Remember, the more specific you are about the details you include, the more you build a bridge between what you have already done and what you hope to do at the college the better.

Sample Essay

Beautiful paths always lead you to success, choosing the right one for you is what really matters. I believe UW-Madison certainly lays the right path for me. “Innovation and Development” are the two main reasons that drive my urge to pursue Mechanical Engineering as a major.

I have been intrigued by science and machines since a very small age. Belonging to a family of engineers, I believe I too have imbibed some of my parents’ skills and interests. It fascinates me that the mere act of walking, just like massive rocket propulsion, is based on the same basic concept of force and reaction!  What truly hooks me is the fact that there is never a limit to learning; there is so much to learn and so much to explore. Building various innovative yet helpful machines using principles of science and technology is just not the end. Applying creativity, skill, and strategies to improve them is another larger aspect to it, which is why I believe Mechanical Engineering possesses interminable boundaries. 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers various opportunities to its students by providing a well-rounded preparation for its undergraduate students. To be presented with a deeper understanding of a particular field, it is important to have had quality hands-on experience. The caption mentioned on the UW website, “Our students don’t just learn, they do”, aligns with my interest when I seek knowledge. Through the College of Engineering (CoE) at UW-Madison, with ‘Handshake’ being a great initiative, all the students are able to achieve this hands-on experience through the intensive co-op programs and internship opportunities. I enthusiastically look forward to being actively engaged at the Grainger Institute for engineering and learning to collaborate across disciplines to solve critical technological and sustainability challenges with cutting-edge discoveries and technological developments.

The small average class size would ensure that I would be able to interact better with my professors. The opportunity to learn from esteemed faculty members such as Franklin Miller and Robert Lorentz who are not only outstanding researchers but also dedicated educators would be an invaluable experience for me. The evidence-based teaching methodologies and innovative learning techniques applied at UW-Madison would be the right platform for me to groom myself for future industrial requirements.

I would love to express my creativity and talents by getting an opportunity to use modern high-tech equipment and work with professional staff at Makerspace while being a part of a community of designers and builders. The Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC) will aid my growth in the engineering department as I will be able to form strategies and discuss concepts with other students and the faculty.

Apart from the classroom, UW-Madison caters to other aspects too; it provides a great campus life for its students with various student organizations, the Adventure Learning Programs (ALPs) being the most attractive. They recognize diversity and unity in all groups and facilitate dialogue toward understanding these qualities based on common human values. I believe this would help me establish a stronger bond among my peers on campus and thus make campus life more exciting.

With the help of such facilities and opportunities provided by UW-Madison, I would be encouraged to showcase my ideas and be given a global platform to learn, innovate and positively impact the world.

Checkout Application related more details:

The University of Wisconsin offers admissions in both Fall and Spring Intake. The deadline to apply for Fall is November 1 as early action and January 15 as a regular decision. The spring deadline is October 1

You may process your application through the Common Application or UW Application System. The non-refundable application fee is $60.

If you are applying through the common app, you need to write the common app essay on one of the common app essay topics along with the University of Wisconsin supplement essay we discussed earlier.

Wisconsin requires one letter of recommendation which should be submitted by an academic teacher, school counselor, or faculty member. You may submit additional letters if you want.

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