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USA Universities accepting 15 years of education

Unlike our Indian system, the USA education system follows a 4 years undergraduate curriculum for all the programs which is why the USA universities accept only 4 years of bachelor’s students in their master’s programs. 

If you are a student who is enrolled in a 3 years degree program like BBA, BCA, B. Com., BBM, etc in Indian universities, always wonder how to apply to the USA master’s program.

Do not worry, we have good news! 

There are different possibilities through which you can still apply to the USA universities with 15 years of education.

    1. Some universities need 16 years of undergraduate education and diplomas after 3 years of bachelor’s are accepted there. So you can pursue a one-year diploma program and can apply to those universities
    2. You may also consider taking a transfer to the USA universities to complete 16 years of education
    3. Well, if you do not want to utilize your time and money in the first two options, you still have the universities in the USA accepting 3 years bachelors degree

Now we know that the research to find these universities would be time-consuming which is why we have listed many of the universities accepting 15 years of education in the USA for their master’s programs.

Below is the list of the US universities accepting 3 years bachelor’s degrees. Please note the options are not limited to this list. Universities keep updating their admission criteria on a time-to-time basis therefore it is advisable that students must always network with the universities before submitting the application.

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    1. Northwestern University

Northwestern University accepts a three years bachelor’s degree for its Masters in Artificial Intelligence and MBA program. The university mentioned that they understand that the countries like India, the UK, etc offer a 3 years bachelor’s program and they accept students with 15 years of education from accredited universities.

2. Columbia University

 Columbia University accepts students with 3 years of bachelor’s degree for their programs offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Columbia Business School.

3. Harvard University

   Harvard business school accepts 3 years bachelor’s degree equivalent to the 4 years bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution for their MBA program.

4. Yale University

    Yale University accepts students with 3 years of bachelor’s degrees for their Masters in Fine Arts programs, programs offered by the Arts and Science department and the International Development and Economics program. The university will evaluate the bachelor’s degree as per their standards and accordingly pass the decision.

5. University of Pennsylvania

Wharton Business School accepts 3 years of bachelor’s degree for the MBA program.

6. Dartmouth College

Tuck School of Business gives equal consideration to the students with 3 years bachelor’s degree.

7. University of Texas Dallas

The graduate school of the University of Texas Dallas accepts students with 3 years bachelor’s degree for most of their graduate programs. They consider the applicant based on the overall profile. Their degree, institution, test scores, resume and recommendation letters.

8. Northeastern University

The Khoury College of Computer Science accepts 3 years of bachelor’s if the student has completed his degree program. 

Just like the aforementioned universities, there are many other universities accepting 3 years bachelor’s degrees. Below is the list:

9. Wake Forest University

10. Columbia University

11. University of Pennsylvania

12. University of Virginia

13. University of Rochester 

14. Carnegie Mellon University

15. New York University

16. Kent State University

17. SUNY Buffalo

18. SUNY Binghamton

19. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

20. CUNY Baruch

21. University of Texas at Arlington

22. Syracuse University

23. Texas Tech University

24. Stevens Institute of Technology

25. Bentley University

26. Fordham University

27. NYU Poly

28. University of Idaho

29. Georgia State University

30. Santa Clara University


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