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A statement of purpose is the most important element of your college application. It gives a detailed and in-depth background about you to the admissions officer which helps them in making the decision on your application.

Most of the universities across the globe ask for the statement of purpose as a mandatory requirement for the master program. Some universities may have specific requirement for the statement of purpose in  terms of both content and the word limit. General SOP should between 800-1200 words. Many top US universities may ask ask for to statements, personal statement, Academic statement. For Example: University of Michigan Ann Arbor  graduate application requirement is both academic statement of purpose and personal statement.

While writing the statement of purpose, it is important to understand the structure of the SOP to keep the reader engaged until the end.

Follow the below structure to write a killing statement of purpose:
  • Start the SoP with an anecdote (one paragraph)
  • Share the incident, life experiences, or a story that inspired you to pursue the particular program Think over the important events in your life or other personal experiences that influenced your academic and professional choices.
  • Give a background (2-4 paragraphs)
  • Write about the subjects, internships, projects and work experiences that will showcase the competency in your desired subject. Mention your experiences and how those experiences motivate you to pursue the advanced level of studies.
  • Why do you want to pursue a master’s in this subject? Why at this point in time?
  • Write about the specialization and research you are interested in and what skills you want to gain through this program. Relate it to the research and academic curriculum available at the universities you are applying to. Another important aspect is to provide solid reasoning on the timing of the master’s. Explain how and why this is the right time for you to apply to the program.
  • Short Term Specific Goal (1-2 paragraph)
  • Relate your background and your plan to pursue a master’s with your short-term goal. Mention what work profile or company roles you envision after completion of the program? Are you looking for an industry job or a research job or a combination of both?
  • Specific long term goal (one paragraph)
  • Mention in short about your long term goal. Where you see yourself in about 10-15 years from now and how you have planned to contribute to the industry and society.
  • Why this particular university (1-2 paragraph)
  • Write about the specific features of the university that interests you. Mention the professors, research areas, and other opportunities available at the campus and how they will benefit from your program and goals. Do complete research on the university to attempt this part of your SOP.
  • Extracurricular Activities (1 paragraph)
  • Write about the extracurricular activities and the hobbies you are involved in. Mention the skills you have developed, how they shaped up your life, your thought process and perception, and how they can be utilized during your studies. Look into the academic clubs, societies, organizations and other associations where you can fit yourself. Check out the activities which can help you strengthen your profile.
  • Conclusion
  • Finish with 2-3 lines of conclusion mentioning why you are the best fit for the university.
Computer Engineering Sample SOP


SAMPLE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE                                                

A few years back I was involved in a bike accident, and as I sat by the wreckage, I was shocked not a single person stopped to help me. What happened to the science of psychology and the human mind? The questions of human behavior go unanswered. Psychology surrounds us, often in observing individuals around and their diverse behaviors. My foremost idea to major in psychology was rationalized with the thought that I could use my degree to help people. Moreover, studying psychology provided something for me to understand my mind and behavior that the other subjects probably didn’t

I am applying for the Neurocognitive psychology course at the University of Munich because I am very interested in the topics covered particularly relevant cognitive neuroscience techniques like EEG in treating psychiatric patients.   My interest in these areas was first aroused during my undergraduate studies at the University of Middlesex, where I studied psychology with counseling skills and I chose to do a final year research topic on self-compassion, social anxiety and prosocial behavior and researched documents relating to this and my interest was further aroused when reading about social anxiety and diverse way of diagnosing and treating. Your course not only covers the above topics but will also introduce me to the new areas of central functions across the whole perception cognition-action loop from an integrative neuroscientific perspective which will broaden my knowledge and understanding of the topic as a whole. The module “Basic neurosciences” allows interpreting the function of nerve cells in a range of model systems and advanced neuroanatomy. I was glad to attain all the knowledge regarding the course online. I am expecting to attain a high 2.1 or first-class degree which, I hope will demonstrate my academic ability to study at this level. 

After finishing 10th grade, I went into the arts stream exploring five areas including English, Psychology, Computer Science, Fashion studies and Home science. By the end of high school, I had a fondness for psychology as it was interesting and chose to learn further about it. This subject also offers countless possibilities and is constantly expanding. Important and sometimes shocking discoveries are made every day and this is all thanks to the research conducted by universities. Additionally, My other subject of interest is fashion studies, I even participated in a fashion show competition and won first place in designing and altering a dress. Apart from fashion studies, I love dancing and have worked as an assistant dancer at Step n Groove Institute for 3 months. I also engage in outdoor sports such as badminton, basketball and cricket during my free time.

Beginning my undergraduate at university opened many gates and challenges with social circumstances widening the life perspective, I went on a spiritual tour to the Himalayas in 2016 where I had an opportunity to interact with village individuals and study their lifestyles. Livings on the banks of the sacred Ganga River, this experience provided me an opportunity to enjoy and interact with the rich culture of the dwellers on the Ganga belt and the superstitious beliefs held by them with regard to their sacred offering towards God. This observation by existing in the area provided me with an in-depth understanding of culture and superstitious beliefs. Apart from experience, it allowed me to defend my fear and ego and look at a possibility where life is happy, free and expansive. 

That’s when my story took a turn in a different and positive direction. I started to spread my positivity through psychology by working as an intern at AIESEC organization which aims in developing sustainable goals. Everyday interaction and teaching individuals going through varying psychological illnesses including Autism, eating disorders and self-aggressive behavior. It allowed me to enter the world of empathy. The love shared between us every day while teaching, dancing and singing increased the level of patience within myself. This internship opportunity made me realize my inner abilities to recognize the neurotic disorders of the individuals in the disabled organization. 

Continuing through this, I started to work as an AIESEC member aiming to develop those goals by motivating individuals to spread positivity and happiness by sending them abroad and allowing them to explore and contribute to the world. 

Upon completion of this undergraduate program, I intend to join a master’s program in Cognitive Neuroscience. I chose Neuropsychology/Clinical not because it’s fascinating and has many job opportunities but because I grew my interest in this field when I completed my lab report during my 2nd year. It is then I realized the area that I would choose for my career would be definitely related to clinical based. Pursuing in this field would broaden my knowledge in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of psychological and neurological disorders. After 10 to 15 years, I see myself in a position practicing as a Neuro Psychologist, where I can provide a positive influence in the lives of people struggling with psychiatric and neurotic disorders. 

In conclusion, I want to attend this university because it has an unparalleled reputation in terms of the quality of students, faculty, and education. Psychology students at this university do not need to wait until graduation to start having a positive impact on their community. I would be very excited to join the upcoming class for 2019. I feel I am well prepared to enter master’s study, and my strong motivation and career goals are a good match for what the University has to offer. Additionally, I have read many research papers provided by both your faculty members and students, which were at an extremely high level. I was particularly impressed by the breadth of content produced, as well as the quantity. 

I am confident I can demonstrate the drive, ambition and expertise to position myself as the perfect student to study at your institution. 

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