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The UK is one of the most popular destinations to study medicine because it comes second in the world for medical research after the USA based on the number of paper publications and citations. It is also considered as the second highest country to achieve maximum Nobel prizes for medicines after Germany.

The UK universities also have close tie-ups with many hospitals across the countries because the NHS is one of the largest public-funded health services in the world. The students will gain hands-on experience during their study program which will help you find the job and start your career quickly.

Medicine in the UK is offered at the undergraduate level which means you can start studying medicines after your high school, unlike many other countries.

The UK is the home of the best medical schools like Oxford and Cambridge and many others. These medical schools have a great reputation for their world-class research.

There are different entry levels to pursue medicine in the UK.


This is the most common entry-level among international students. This entry-level program is mostly of 5 years duration but may be offered at few universities for 6 years. The UCAS code for this program for all the universities is A100. The degree offered at this entry-level is either MBBS or MBChB.

You need to have strong academics in Chemistry, Biology and other science subjects and showcase your English proficiency through the IELTS score of 7.5 and above with no component less than 7.

You will also need to take the standardized test UCAT and/or BMAT depending on the colleges you want to apply to.

List of medical colleges in the UK


This entry-level is open for the students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and want to pursue medicine further. Most of the universities required the science or health-related degree at bachelor’s level and the program duration is 4 years with the exception in some universities where it is offered with a duration of 5 years. The UCAS Code for the graduate entry level is A101.

The entry requirement for this level is the same as the standard entry-level where you have to have strong academics and high English language proficiency. You also have to appear for the standardized test UKCAT or GAMSAT which varies from university to university.


This course is designed for students who have strong academics but have not done all the required subjects in high school. The program will work as a foundation year for the students to meet the standard level entry requirements.

The other entry requirements for this program will remain the same. There are limited options available at this level. The UCAS code for the foundation year program is A104.

Universities offering foundation program


This course is for the students who do not meet the entry requirements but have skills to become a doctor. The UK universities have set the widening participation criteria for this course and the students who are best fit in this criteria can apply. The course is not very popular among international students and the UCAS code for this course is A108.


The personal statement is another important factor in your application to medical schools in the UK. Although each and every university has set its own criteria of evaluating a personal statement in the application in general, it is all about your core values and attributes which showcase the ability to become a good doctor.

Here is the list of the skills and attributes you should focus on while writing your personal statement.

Academic Ability is the topmost requirement and your good grades will showcase the skills like the responsibility of your own work, dedication, determination, and your personal organization.

Social Activities and volunteer work will showcase the ability to treat other people with respect and care about others. It will also showcase your communication skills

Extracurricular and co-curricular activities achievement will showcase the ability of teamwork, leadership skills, problem-solving and effective communication skills.

Doctors should have all these qualities and many more like risk-taking ability, dealing with problems, etc. Try to mention the skills which you have out of all these with examples to present a strong personal statement in front of the admission committee.

How To Write a UCAS Personal Statement?


Most of the UK medical colleges look at the work experience an applicant has as a part of the selection process. They do not have any particular sets of requirements and set of rules of the type of experience required however they look for the work experience which you have in the recent years of your application.

The two basic types of experiences the applicant can have are

  • Caring others
  • Observation of healthcare

Once your application has been evaluated, the universities who have shortlisted your profile will ask you to attend the interview. The interview is the last stage of your application and is as important as the other contents of your application.

UK universities conduct different kinds of interviews. The 3 main types of interviews are Multiple Mini Interviews also popularly known as MMIs, traditional interviews, and group interviews.

The medical school interview questions are based on medical ethics, teamwork, personal insight, empathy, work experience, background, motivation, interest and knowledge of medical school and program.

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Q. How can I apply for a medicine program in the UK?
A. You have to apply through UCAS the official website for UK application.

Q. How many medical colleges can I apply to in the UK?
A. You can apply to a total of 5 universities/programs out of which you can apply to for medicine and one for any other related program.

Q. What is the deadline to apply for medicine in the UK?
A. The deadline to apply for medicine in the UK is 15th October.

Q. What is the cost of studying medicine in the UK for international students?
A. The medicine program in the UK can cost you from GBP31000 to GBP 50000.

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