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University selection begins with self-research. Some students start thinking about colleges in their first year of high school (for undergraduate) or first year of the degree program (for masters). However, many students don’t do anything till the application process begins. It’s never too early or too late to start creating your college list.

While selecting your universities it is important to prioritize the following qualities to create the right college list:

  • Size of the college: There are small size, medium size, large size and larger size colleges. Choose where you will best fit in.
  • Academic Environment: Will you be comfortable with balances intellectual and social life or you can handle academic pressure?
  • Academic Offerings: Are you looking for a specific degree program or you are interested in exploring different subjects before finalizing your degree?
  • Other Academic Opportunities: Universities offering internships, co-op programs, student exchange programs or research opportunities?
  • Cost/Availability of Financial Aid: Universities have different fee structures and not all universities offer financial aid to international students.
  • Student Life: On-campus opportunities like clubs, volunteering opportunities, weekend activities, community services, etc.

Identify your interest, hobbies, goal and talent. Understand which university will help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Get enough information about every school you are interested in.  Once you come up with a preliminary list of colleges, trim down and decide what matters most to you.

Here are some useful websites to consider while university selection:

There are numerous colleges abroad and choosing the correct colleges is positively not a cakewalk action. Selecting the right university is the most important decision for all the students as their whole future and career rely upon this significant choice. Our experts can help you creating the perfect-fit university list for you.

Following is our university selection step by step process:

  • We will evaluate your profile, your academics, test scores, extracurricular activities  & experience
  • Discuss the course preferences and provide suggestions on the popular courses which will match with your plans
  • Make a note of all your preferences while university selection like location, scholarships, internships, etc
  • We will share the comprehensive list of the universities in three categories: Ambitious, Reach & Safety colleges

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